The simple way

A lot of companies have issues with prioritizing which content/products/information to show the user when he arrives at their site. Everybody within the company wants to contribute: Sales, Marketing, PR, Product Owners.

But what it really comes down to is the following:

  • Can we identify our users/visitors/customer segments? 
  • What do these identified users usually want to achieve?
  • Which is the simplest way of offering them what they want?

You can do this by analyzing site data, customer segments, customer behavior, customer focus groups, usability testing, sales statistics, user flows, customer service input. By going through all of this information you get what the customers want to achieve when visiting your site or using your app. It is not unusual that this differs from what you as company want the user to achieve. So how do you combine these to goals?

  1. Make it simple for users to achieve what they came to do (if they have a goal).
  2. If they don’t have a set agenda guide them through a focused UI without many distraction towards your goal.

This means daring to not show every possible offer all the time and to deliberatly focus on one thing at a time. This focus can of course be adjusted to change according to time of day, time of broadcast of commercials,  if we have a logged in user profile.

Dare to be simple.